In order to understand the overarching aim and shape of the Dig Youth Conference, we encourage you to read and explore the theological convictions which underpin everything we do. From the start, the Dig Youth Conference organising committee has sought to ensure that every decision it makes for the conference transparently communicates these fundamental convictions. We hope that this document gives you a clear sense of what is most important to us, and provide for you a faithful summary of what we hope the Dig Youth Conference will stand for, both now, and into the future.

While the committee has worked hard on this most current version of the document, we still consider it a work and a discussion in progress. We invite all our delegates – pastors, youth leaders, and youth alike – to grapple with these convictions for themselves, and to join this important discussion with us.

1.What is the DIG Conference?

The DIG Conference is an evangelical youth conference where youth groups from Sydney and surrounding regions gather to encourage one another in their love of God, his word and his people. We believe that the proclamation of Christ, by the power of the Spirit, and through the faithful teaching of the Scriptures, is the central means by which God saves and grows his people as they hear and respond to his word.

And so the DIG Conference is a time for youth to gather together, to joyfully sit under the word of God, so that, ‘Speaking the truth in love, we might grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ.’ (Eph 4:15).

2.What are the aims of the DIG Conference?

The aims of the DIG Conference are that every individual who attends – youth and leader alike – will:

Be transformed by the grace of God, that they might be saved, and might grow into the likeness of Christ
Come to love and treasure God’s word so that for a lifetime they might be readers and speakers of his word
Learn how to read, understand and apply the Bible for themselves
Be encouraged, equipped and trained to build their own word-centred ministries
Meet, serve, and be encouraged by, other Christians from different churchesContent

3.What does the DIG Conference look like?

The DIG Conference is a weekend, fully-residential conference. Each part of the weekend is designed to point towards the central task of the weekend – the proclamation of God’s word. Of central importance is the expository preaching of the Scriptures in our main session times. In order to further engage delegates in the word, these sessions are complemented by times of group discussion and personal quiet times.

The DIG Conference is a time of service, not just a time of being served. And therefore, the DIG Conference is a time where every youth group is encouraged to contribute, engage, share and participate in the running of all aspects of the weekend – whether formal or informal.

4.Who organises the DIG Conference?

The running of the conference is overseen by an organising committee of men and women gathered from many churches. We see ourselves as a leadership team submitting to the authority of the Scriptures in everything we do; seeking to protect and promote our core convictions; and doing what we can to promote gospel partnership across youth groups in our region.

5.How can my youth group attend the DIG Conference?

One of the goals of the DIG Conference is to grow the fellowship at the heart of the conference organically through a network of like-minded youth ministries. And so, at this stage, we’d like to hear from you and your leadership team first and build a relationship, before registration.

So if you’re interested in seeing your youth group attend the DIG Conference, we encourage you to check out our statement of convictions. If you feel that the DIG Conference is a ministry your church would like to support and be a part of, or if you’d just like more information about the conference or the committee, then feel free to contact us – we’d love to hear from you.

Download Dig Convictions